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Last summer, Zach Clayton, the founder and CEO of Three Ships, reached out to me about a solution he was incubating inside of Three Ships. It was a predictive organic search solution that helped marketers grow earned traffic deterministically. I saw the results it was driving for customers and was blown away.

This initial conversation brought me back a few years to when I was leading marketing for a software startup called StrikeIron (which was acquired by a large enterprise software company called Informatica). We focused heavily on inbound leads – including content marketing.

We tried to be data-driven, with smart keyword analysis (read: the team spent hours upon hours in Excel), and generated a mix of content, but we didn’t know how the content would perform until after it was published.

Some pieces drove hundreds of thousands of views, some drove minimal visits. We had great traffic and conversions through organic search, but I didn’t know how to grow the channel predictably, which was frustrating. I remember a board meeting where I was reviewing channel efficacy and one of my board members asked how I could spend more on SEO. I didn’t have a good answer then.

But now I do.

After several years of incubating the Navigator technology inside of Three Ships and working with dozens of customers, we decided to spin out into a stand-alone company. This enables us to focused entirely on helping our customer drive organic search results though content marketing.

I am extremely excited about the technology platform we have developed, the services we wrap around it, our incredible team, and the value we add to our customers.

So, are you ready to make organic search work for you?


About The Author, Justin Helmig

Justin is CEO of Demand Signals. Aside from his marketing and product expertise, he’s a huge Clemson Tigers fan.