Using proven data mined from our own predictive search technology, we bring a company’s content to life. Words become actions. Readers become customers. Content marketing becomes revenue.

Everything Demand Signals does is supported by years of leadership in creating performance-driven content and establishing SEO best practices. Our team of professional writers and editors create search-optimized content while also matching your style, voice and brand guidelines.

The content we create is based off of data and analytics. Navigator’s predictive keyword selection identifies your highest value content topics, which guide our content creation roadmap. We have the software, science and expertise to drive predictable, profitable growth through organic search.

The result is increased visibility, authority and a 5-9x increase in ROI for our customers.

Content Creation Services

  • Micro-targeted Content: The foundation of an organic search content strategy
    • Micro-targeted content is intended to “cast a net” and provide leading indicators on queries that are worth a deeper dive, this also helps to quickly build subject-matter authority on topics the customer is not recognized by search engines for. Certain will garner results from micro-targeted content alone and in these cases it makes sense to lead with this strategy as it is the most affordable and scalable option.
  • Cornerstone Content: Longform content goes deeper into subject matter than micro-targeted content
    • Longform or “cornerstone content” requires deeper research, is meant to be compelling and differentiated. Longer form is mostly non-commercial and higher in the funnel, meant to tell a story or educate. Cornerstone content can be combined with micro-targeted content to target more competitive “head and torso terms”
  • Organic Revitalization: Adaptation and repurposing of existing collateral (older blogs, infographics, whitepapers, etc.) to drive organic search
    • This option is best suited for customers who have already invested in significant content creation initiatives but need to “bridge the gap” between the language they are speaking and what their clients/customers are searching for.
  • Editor Optimization: Optimize existing content for organic search
    • For companies with the right content coverage, but without SEO optimization. This option includes optimizing content for factors such as: title and description element creation, keyword identification and placement, image optimization, and link optimization.

Whether you’re looking to build your audience or accelerate business growth through organic search, our customized content will drive the engagement you need and ensure your company is maximizing its organic potential.