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We get it - you’re frustrated with investing in content that doesn’t generate traffic and leads. Our Navigator software platform is the organic search solution that uses predictive analytics to help your customers find you and help you see real, quantifiable results.

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A Scientific Roadmap To Success

Our software is the solution to your organic search challenges. Navigator uses unique datasets that capture your organic search landscape to identify and win your best opportunities. With predictive keyword selection, multi-variant content testing, improved site structure, and unrivalled performance monitoring, Navigator applies real time statistics to every aspect of on-site search. Stop guessing which content will drive results and start using data science to get predictable, profitable search traffic.

A Holistic Solution

Predictive Keyword Selection

Focus your content on high-value keywords. Stop guessing and and start allocating your resources to keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

Multi-Variant Content Testing

Dynamically test landing page variations based on real-time search statistics. With multiple iterations of every content piece designed to drive performance, Navigator doesn’t stop optimizing and drives results.

Site Structure Optimization

All the content in the world won’t do you any good if search engines can’t find it. The Navigator Superfooter helps search engines find and understand the content you have, lifting sitewide traffic quickly.

Actionable Insights

Pull actionable insights to the forefront with unparalleled analytics dashboards and weekly reports delivered right to your inbox. Stop wading through data, and start understanding your results.

1.54 Billion data points tracked

8.64 Million queries googled per day

100% or more increase in non-brand organic search traffic

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Keyword Demand Engine

Stop choosing keywords and content topics with rank trackers, and start using predictive data science. Our Keyword Demand Engine builds and prioritizes your keyword universe to identify your best opportunities.

Content Testing Engine

Use real search statistics to optimize your landing pages and dynamically update your content. Every landing page has multiple variations in order to drive maximum results.


Make it easy for search engines to find and understand your website. This panel, informed by the Content Relevance Engine, optimizes your site structure by connecting every page to other relevant pages, providing quick organic lift across your site.

Content Relevance Engine

Take the guesswork out of identifying relevant pages for intra-site linking. The Content Relevance Engine powers the Superfooter by choosing your most relevant content for every page on your website.

Adaptive Learning Engine

Monitors a unique set of search signals to drive actionable performance insights on a page-by-page level. From crawl to content optimizations, the Adaptive Learning Engine provides unprecedented visibility into your search success.

Act & Optimize Reporting

Understand what’s working without doing any work. Our weekly email reporting delivers KPI insights right to your inbox. Stop working on ad-hoc requests for your management, and start elevating the conversation.