No, Your SEO Agency Isn’t Covering It All


No, Your SEO Agency Isn't Covering It All

So you’ve hired an SEO agency to take control of your organic search and hopefully propel your content to the top of the search results. But maybe something just doesn’t feel right. Like your SEO agency isn’t doing everything they should be. If this sounds like you, then it is probably because your SEO agency isn’t covering it all.

What is my SEO agency missing?

While most content shops and SEO agencies follow basic SEO guidelines, they don’t provide end-to-end SEO solutions. If your agency isn’t focusing on all of the following five areas, it’s time to find a new approach.

  1. Technology: It should come as no surprise that technology is constantly advancing. And you know that successfully growing organic search requires a massive amount of data analysis. In fact, the only way to effectively process all of the available data points into an actionable strategy is using technology. Making sure your SEO partner is effectively leveraging technology means they’ll be saving time, energy, and your money, while driving better results.
  2. SEO consulting: It sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many content agencies place SEO consulting on the backburner. If there is no one in the agency to provide you with an SEO audit, content inventory audit or website advisory, how do you expect them to know exactly what your brand needs to be successful? A good sign it’s time to run the other way: your agency wants you to buy their services but doesn’t offer SEO consulting.
  3. Dynamic site structure optimization: There are a plenty of ways to manually optimize your site structure for SEO, but they typically involve a lot of manual work and take up of valuable time. A good SEO agency will have the expertise and analytical skills it takes to make these manual updates, but a great SEO agency will have a way to automate this process using data science to ensure optimal intra-site linking.
  4. Content optimization: You hired your agency to write content for your brand, but what you might not realize is that simply producing content is not enough. Your agency should be optimizing your content from head to toe using the latest SEO best practices. This means paying attention to things like intent, keyword use and CTAs, as well as revisiting content and making adjustments based on performance. Content without optimization is sort of like a Twitter account without any followers. What’s the point?
  5. Highly-qualified writers and editors: If you aren’t sure where your SEO agency is getting the content they are producing, well that’s a big red flag. Consumers can tell the difference between well-written content and grammatically incorrect fluff, so if your agency doesn’t have a highly-skilled content team, you could end up with content you’d be embarrassed to have on your website. SEO content writers and editors should not only have a grasp on spelling and grammar, they should also understand the basics of SEO and how to produce content for the web.

The Demand Signals difference

Unlike most SEO agencies, Demand Signals uses the power of technology and data science to identify and win your best organic search opportunities. Our consultants are experts in SEO, and work with you to determine the best plan of action for your brand. And our content team is made up of high-skilled writers and editors who are not only spelling and grammar experts, they’re experts when it comes to SEO optimization.

In sum, software plus services is what drives success. When you partner with Demand Signals, you won’t have to worry that your agency isn’t covering everything. Period. Contact us today.

About The Author, Caitlin Barrett

Caitlin is a Senior Copywriter at Demand Signals who specializes in creating engaging, on-brand SEO copy for clients. She is a connoisseur of beagles and coffee, holds a degree in giving not-too-subtle guilt trips, and her eyeliner makes Adele jealous.