Reputation Management: Four Things You Need To Know


Online Reputation Management (ORM) consists of a coordinated strategy to protect, respond, and influence consumer perception of your brand. In the last decade, the dramatic rise of social media engagement, combined with the growth of Google search users, has transformed the search results landscape into a “message board” of customer sentiment. Consumer-generated content, third-party reviews sites (such as Yelp), as well as News results about your brand can have a positive or damaging effect on purchase behavior. Now more than ever, customers are using Google as their primary medium of finding information about a company and evaluating its reputation.

Effective online reputation management combines public relations strategy with search engine marketing. High rankings and positive search results instill confidence in searchers that your brand is credible and trustworthy. However, most conventional PR agencies lack the technical understanding of how search engines work to be able to single-handedly influence rankings. Conversely, SEO companies lack the resources and relationships to coordinate fully fledged outreach campaigns that can transform news reports. As a result, a combined approach is recommended to be able to address reputation issues head-on.

“A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5 9% increase in revenue.”

— Harvard Business School Study, “Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue” (September 2011)

Managing and maintaining your brand’s digital presence is crucial to both your organic search and marketing effectiveness, so a proactive approach is essential. The best online reputation management one is active listening and rapid response from your brand to your consumers, along with a dedicated digital approach to public relations.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about four key reputation management topics from the Demand Signals SEO Consulting team about:3 Steps of Online Reputation Managment

    1. The importance of proactivity in maintaining your brand’s digital presence
    2. Common online reputation situations
    3. Demand Signals’ recommended approach to monitoring and managing your digital reputation, including strategies, tools, and tips
    4. The golden rule of reputation management

Online reputation management is one of the essential components of off-site SEO and is an integral part of your communications and digital marketing strategy.

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About The Author, Ryan Shevin

Ryan is an SEO Consulting Manager at Demand Signals. His years of experience in digital marketing have provided a broad range of experience and exposure to various digital challenges, ranging from Fortune 500 clients to local businesses.