Demand Signals Office Move: Reunited and It Feels So Good


New suite door sign

It’s been a little over a week since Demand Signals moved from our downtown Raleigh office to our new home on the corner of Oberlin and Wade. Before we moved our team was split up into two downtown offices, but now we’re reunited and it feels so good!

Last week we watched our first engineering demo in the new space, had our first team lunch and happy hour in our new kitchen area, and enjoyed having plentiful access to conference rooms (which are all named after fictional explorers).

Renovations, Accent Walls, and Dogs. Oh My!

Our first floor space used to be a banking office, complete with cubicles and carpet that had definitely seen better days. The first order of business was getting rid of those cubicles, ripping out the carpet, and refinishing the concrete underneath.

Here’s what the office looked like after we ripped everything out and refinished the concrete:

Oberlin floor - March 13

The concrete floors look AWESOME, and I would be lying if I said we haven’t had chair races around the office. Concrete floors are good for so many things! And check out all the light from the floor to ceiling windows. We’re loving how bright the space is!

Next, the main walls got a fresh coat of modern gray paint, a few smaller walls were painted Demand Signals blue to add a pop of color, and all of our furniture was moved into the space. Having our team all together in a wide open space makes collaboration and communication easy.  


The cozy couch and chairs are great for informal meetings and presentations, awesome engineering demos, and a quick break to catch the Masters leaderboard. On the other side of this accent wall we created a Demand Signals feature wall. It’s the perfect spot for Instagram photo ops!


And finally, here is our beloved office dog Fig, working hard and enjoying her first day in the new space. Fig’s personal highlights from the past week include: barking at dogs from the window, being fed doughnuts and pizza when her mom wasn’t looking, and wearing her new owl pajamas to work.  

IMG_2171 2

If only we could look this cute and work from a comfy bed all day!


About The Author, Caitlin Barrett

Caitlin is a Senior Copywriter at Demand Signals who specializes in creating engaging, on-brand SEO copy for clients. She is a connoisseur of beagles and coffee, holds a degree in giving not-too-subtle guilt trips, and her eyeliner makes Adele jealous.