Top 6 Most Important Tips for SEO

The top SEO tips change each year based on Google's latest algorithms, but it can benefit your business to stay on top of these optimization trends. By adopting tactics like keyword selection and link building into your web copy, you can increase traffic to your website through organic (or non-paid) search results. In this article, we'll explore the latest SEO tips to help you create content that will improve your search ranking and drive traffic to your website.

Top 6 Tips for Better SEO

According to Moz, "The Internet is becoming increasingly competitive, and those companies who perform SEO will have a decided advantage in visitors and customers." By following the tips below, you can leverage search engine optimization to create content that will both engage your audience and be rewarded by search engines.

1. Choose the right keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important and high return efforts you can make in the search marketing field. Not only will keyword research help you respond to market changes and create content that users are actively searching for, but it will also help predict shifts in demand to develop a proactive SEO strategy.

Ideally, you will want to choose keywords that have search volume and reflect demand, but that are also winnable. Demand Signals has developed an innovative keyword engine that can determine all of these properties to decide which keywords are 1) worth targeting, and 2) you have the highest chance of winning.

2. Remember that "content is king"

Producing content that is well written, free of grammatical errors and engaging to readers is still the most important thing you can do to get your content rewarded by search engines. SEO aims to take that well written, engaging content and optimize it for search engines while improving the user experience. When crafting content it is important to:

But creating content and then forgetting about it isn't enough. Content that is not performing should consistently be updated and optimized. Demand Signals' software regularly evaluates published content to determine which pieces are failing to rank and then automatically updates non-performing pieces with fresh content.

3. Include keyword-focused title tags

According to Search Engine Land, "One of the key elements of optimization is your blog post title tags. The title tag is usually the clickable link that appears in the search results, and you only have a limited amount of characters (50-70) to convey your message. Search engines give these tags significant weight when determining how pages should rank, making the title tag the single most important piece of optimizable real estate on a single web page."

Including the keyword in your title tag not only signals to the search engine what the article is about, it also provides the reader with a concise description of the article before they even click on it. Therefore, crafting a keyword-focused title tag will provide searchers a glimpse into whether or not the article will be helpful to them and influence their decision to click on it.

4. Use your data

Utilizing the data available to you can help you understand a wide range of details about your site, including:

The better you understand the mechanics of your site and how users interact with it, the more successful your SEO campaign will be. 

5. Optimize site structure

Not only is it important to create well written content, it is important to create content that search engines can find, crawl and index. But web crawlers may not discover everything on your website, and without effective site structure optimization, some pages of your website may never even be indexed. 

Demand Signals has developed a solution to ensure every piece of content is found, crawled and indexed by automatically linking relevant content on your site. This not only enables us to guide web crawlers to all of your published pages, but also signals to Google that your domain is authoritative on a specific subject. 

6. Ask for help

According to Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, "The business of optimizing websites for search engines is an immensely difficult, convoluted task. It requires a massive amount of knowledge, an incredible dedication to keeping up with one of the fastest moving industries on the planet and a ruthless addiction to testing and analytics."

The fact is, many businesses do not have the time, resources or SEO knowledge required to succeed on their own. At Demand Signals, we work closely with businesses to improve their online presence through SEO and in-depth analytics. Contact us today for a custom SEO strategy that's sure to grow your business.


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