Social Media and SEO

As Google's algorithms continue to develop, marketers today continue to see an increasing correlation between social media and SEO. While we don't quite yet understand how social media affects a website's ranking, we do understand that social shares, tweets, and +1s can impact your ranking on Google's search results. 

In this article, we'll explore:

How Social Media Influences SEO

Social media isn't new, but the way it's used now has changed the way we strategize our marketing efforts. Social media platforms, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, ultimately revolutionized the way we discover and share new and authoritative websites. As a result, search engines consider this as a part of their ranking algorithms.

When it comes to SEO, the key to a high-ranking webpage is good content. Content is king when it comes to optimization, and this remains true even when social media is involved. Poor copy and spammy links are less likely to be shared across social platforms than quality content. 

4 Best Practices for Social Media and SEO

There's no single way to use social media to increase brand awareness and authority in your Google ranking. Check out our list of best practices to improve the way you're marketing your content:

See Social Shares As Link Building

Link building has always been an important aspect of SEO, and now, so are social shares. When publishing new content to your website, make sure all social channels are linked to your new content. This means linking your social media pages to your website, and promoting your newest content across your social platforms. 

Encourage Others to Share Your Web Content

It's one thing to link to your own content, but it's an entirely different matter when others share your content. By enabling social sharing on your webpages, you can increase the likelihood of a reader sharing your content to new audiences, increasing your brand awareness. The more people share your content, the more authority your brand will hold on the web.

Tweets Get Your Content Indexed Faster

We already know that Google loves links in content, and the more links you have, the faster it will be indexed. But did you know that tweeting can get your content indexed 50% faster? When you promote through social media (and include a direct link), you can reduce the length of time it takes for Google to rank your content, and increase the likelihood of your content appearing higher in the search engine page results

Make It Easy to Share Your Content

Make it as easy as possible for readers to share your content from your website to social media pages by including a share button or link in the template around your content. By making it both convenient and noticeable, you can subliminally encourage your reader to share your brand across multiple social media platforms at once. 

Create SEO Content One Share At A Time

Social media and SEO work together to increase brand awareness and domain authority. If you're stuck on how to make the two work together, allow Demand Signals to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services.



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