Link Building Strategy

An effective link building strategy is one of the most important factors in increasing search ranking and traffic to your web content. Link building is essential to search engine optimization as it helps improve how content ranks in search engine results.

How Link Building Works in SEO

According to MOZ, link building is "the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own."

These links are used to web together different websites, which search engines then crawl. When search engines crawl webpages, links are used as ways to discover and rank new webpages. 

5 Link Building Tactics for Search Engines

Though every SEO team will swear by one link building rule over another, there's a general consensus on what methods are more successful than others. Search Engine Watch outlines five key link building tactics that will increase traffic to your website:

1. Understand What Google Considers to be "Quality"

Google offers clear quality guidelines. The basic principles include:

2. Make Your Links Relevant

Not only should you focus on linking to reputable websites, but make sure that the linked pages are relevant to your content and business. Not sure if you're linking to the right sites? Check out these four helpful tips to make sure you're doing it correctly:

  1. Make sure the site is in the same or related industry
  2. If the website is not, make sure that the section you're referencing is related to your industry
  3. If possible, link to the exact location of the relevant content if it's on an unrelated website
  4. Make sure the link's anchor text includes keywords related to both your content and the external link's content

3. Diversify Your Link Building Strategies

As you learn more about link building strategies, you'll come to realize that implementing all these rules at once will bog down your content. Furthermore, with how dynamic and frequently Google's search algorithms update, it's important to try out new strategies with each page you produce.

4. Create Your Own Link Building Tactics

As important as it is to learn about the latest trends in link building and SEO, the only way your company can stay ahead of the curve is by developing your own techniques. By utilizing your own strategies, you will get a more personal understanding of how search engines crawl and rank your pages. This also gives you the opportunity to build your brand within the industry.

5. Use Natural Language as You Link-Build

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and link schemes. Ensure the text is relevant and sounds natural and authentic. To do this, you can use related terms or variations of the keyword instead of always using the exact keyword in full. 

Discover New Ways of SEO

Link building is just one of many SEO best practices that should be incorporated into your strategy. At Demand Signals, we help clients build links that improve content ranking and in turn, improve brand awareness. Contact us today to learn about our SEO services.




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