How To Write Effective SEO Content

To stay competitive in the digital age of marketing, it's important that your business knows how to write SEO content to increase traffic, conversions and your marketing ROI. In this article, we'll explore the basics and best practices of SEO, as well as common challenges new SEO writers may faces in this developing field.

SEO Basics 

Search engine optimization aims to generate traffic to a webpage from a search engine's organic results.  Organic search results are the web page listings that populate after you type a search query in a search engine's search box. Unlike paid results, which are advertisements, organic search results are ranked by a search engine based on their relative importance to the user's search query.

The reason a high organic search ranking is so important to businesses is that the higher a page ranks, the more likely it is to get traffic.

But writing SEO content that will rank is difficult. Rand Fishkin, SEO extraordinaire and Co-Founder of Moz, says, "The business of optimizing websites for search engines is an immensely difficult, convoluted task. It requires a massive amount of knowledge, an incredible dedication to keeping up with one of the fastest moving industries on the planet and a ruthless addiction to testing and analytics."

By following the SEO best practices listed below, you will have a better chance of creating content that search engines will reward.

SEO Best Practice

To write SEO content that will rank, it is important to create content that appeals to your audience and provides a quick, concise answer to their question. This can be the most challenging task of a SEO copywriter, since it isn't always easy to determine user intent at face value. 

For instance, what is the intent of a user who searches for SEO Marketing? That is, what question about SEO marketing is the user trying to answer? Do they want to know what SEO marketing is? Are they looking for a SEO marketing company to work with? Are they looking for a job in SEO marketing?  

One of the best ways to determine user intent is to search for the search term yourself to see what kind of content search engines are rewarding. In our original example, when you search for SEO Marketing, the top ranking results are articles and blogs explaining what SEO marketing is and how it works. Therefore, learning more about SEO Marketing is likely the user's intent, and you should write your article or blog with that in mind. 

But user intent is only a small piece of a much larger puzzle. Other ranking factors include:

Although being mindful of the above ranking factors can positively affect your ranking, there are several components to Google's algorithm that we still don't know. So, even if you write a well-written article that follows all of the above ranking factors, your page still may not rank. 

SEO Help When You Need It

Learning how to write SEO content is simple, but writing SEO content that is engaging to readers and successful with search engines is difficult. And when you throw in the issues of keyword discovery, link optimization, frequent site audits and analytics, it can take an entire team of SEO experts to get it right. 

Demand Signals has developed a revolutionary technology called Navigator that uses many data points to help determine intent across a body of keywords, allowing our team to create SEO content at scale across thousands of terms and SERP results.

Writing SEO content according to the best practices listed above will likely improve your page's ranking, but the improvement may not be enough to hit your ROI or conversion goals. Navigator helps you hit these goals and get you to the finish line with multi-variant content testing, strong technical SEO implementation and consulting services.

Contact Demand Signals today to learn how to write SEO that will ensure your brand is found easily! 

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