How Google Popularity Graphs Help SEO

Google popularity graphs give businesses insight on tracking a keyword's search volume over time, studying trending topics, and providing a more thorough understanding of your customers' search habits. It's through these insights where your business can develop a successful SEO strategy using these popularity graphs (also known as Google Trends).

Understanding Google Trends

When writing SEO content, there are several things to consider.  

  1. What question is the article trying to answer?
  2. What are some relevant keywords to that topic?
  3. Which of those keywords are people searching for the most? 

Google Trends is a tool that can help you answer all of these questions and provide much needed insight into which keywords (and related keywords) you should target in your content.

When fully utilized, Trends can also help you:

Types of Trends

There are several types of search trends, and understanding the differences between them can help you write content that is engaging, up-to-date and likely to rank.

Other Aspects of Search Engine Optimization

While keyword research is a key player in SEO content creation, there are several other SEO components that you should familiarize yourself with before writing copy for the web, including: 

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