Increase Content Marketing ROI

Content marketing brings customers to websites through keyword-rich, informative, relevant and directed content. According to Moz, SEO content marketing is the number one lead-generating source reported by inbound marketing professionals, with the highest concentration of ROI stemming from blogging, organic search and content amplification.

Companies that successfully integrate a call to action, mobile optimization and keyword savvy strategies will gain higher website conversion rates, which translate into trackable ROI.

Effective Marketing Content Generates Leads

According to Moz, “48% of clients measure content marketing success by the number of leads, high-quality links and total social shares generated by each campaign.”

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, it’s time to develop a content marketing strategy to cover the basics.  Make sure your content marketing efforts address the following:

1. Effective Calls to Action

Have you engaged your customers at every opportunity through embedded links, clear instructions, easy to navigate buttons and opt-in email features? A good call to action could be something like a time-limited promotion, case study download, discounts, request for a call back or product information. The point of a call to action is to boost your website conversion rate – and ultimately generate sales to boost your ROI.

2. Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your webpage content for mobile users ensures you are reaching the widest audience available. Customers connect with their favorite brands from anywhere at any time, so every touchpoint is crucial to the customer experience.

Here are some mobile optimization tips:

3. Keyword Ranking

In SEO content, keywords drive your content by matching website ranks in a search engine. The quickest way to measure a keyword’s worth is simply to try searching it. Before you finish typing a word or phrase, the autocomplete Google Suggest function will show you the most popular search terms for that word and how many results that keyword has generated. Be sure to alternate keywords and use similar keywords to your advantage.  Advanced platforms, such as Demand Signals' Navigator, take a much more sophisticated approach to keyword research and may be appropriate for your marketing initiatives.

4. Social Shares

Speaking of organic growth, there’s no better way to promote your content than with social media sites. Consumers can like, share and tweet your content across multiple channels for true organic growth. And the best part? It doesn’t cost you a dime when someone shares your information. This is part of what makes the content marketing so valuable.

5. Measuring Success

How do you know if your campaign is successful?  Effective measurement is how you'll prove that your content marketing initiatives are driving a positive return.

Track your content as it affects your ROI in real-time. Assign monetary values to your goals through integrated analytic tools designed to help you track content-specific traffic.

These tools can help you understand and optimize page performance and gain a higher rank in search queries:

Achieve Higher Measurable Content Marketing ROI

Accelerate your organic search traffic and you’ll see record content marketing ROI. At Demand Signals, our Navigator software and content marketing services are designed to help you reach new heights of marketing effectiveness.

Contact Demand Signals today and see your content marketing ROI soar. 





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