Blogging for Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is a great way to bring readers to your website and inform them about your products or services. But to capture as many readers as possible—and the right readers—your blog content should be informed by an SEO strategy. Blogging for SEO can be difficult, but these five tips can help you successfully share your brand and build authority with customers and potential customers.

5 SEO Tips for Successful Blogs

1. Create new content and keep it updated. Search engines value fresh, relevant and original content, so to rank for your blog content, you'll need to continuously create and update it. Consider using photography, videos, podcasts and tools and plugins to keep your blog content fresh and original. 

2. Create an editorial calendar. Creating an editorial calendar is a great way to stay on top of your content and make sure it is relevant and consistent. You can start from scratch or search for editorial calendar templates and choose the one you like best.

3. Find writers and editors. You can't have a blog without writers and editors, so you'll need to put together a list of writers to create original content. If you have a dedicated team, great! If not, try creating a spreadsheet with blog topics and encourage employees to sign up to write and edit blogs that interest them. This way, you're regularly posting, but you aren't relying on a single contributor. 

4. Target specific keywords. Keywords are the foundation of a successful SEO blog, but they should be used properly to have maximum effect. According to Search Engine Watch, successful keywords should:

5. Build backlinks. A backlink is when another site links to your site or content from its site. And the best way to build backlinks is by creating original, valuable content that readers will enjoy and other sites will want to link to. You can also look for pages where you think linking to your site could be useful and ask the author of the page to include a link to your site. The most important thing to remember is that you should NEVER pay for backlinks. This is considered black hat SEO and it will result in penalization by search engines. 

SEO Strategy Help 

Businesses of all types can benefit from blogging for SEO, but coming up with a strategy and getting started isn't always easy. Demand Signals offers SEO consulting and content strategy workshops to help you define your SEO strategy and optimize your blog content for organic search success. Contact us today to get started! 



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