What’s New? Keeping Your Site Fresh With Content Marketing


“So what’s new?” you say to that old friend you bumped into for the first time in six months.

“Oh, nothing much. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.”

Well that sure dissipated quickly, didn’t it?

Think of your website and your target audience as old friends who just bumped into each other on the street. When a prospect asks what’s new, your website should say, “Wow, where to even begin…”

Content marketing is not a one-off operation. Content should be produced and published on a regular and ongoing basis to keep the conversation rolling with your customer base. Check out what’s trending in the industry. Learn about the impact this product is having. Are you familiar with this term? Your content marketing platform should be extroverted, charismatic, outgoing and always having something fresh on the tip of its tongue.

When an old friend bumps into your website, the encounter should cause them to be late to their next appointment because they got held up.

Here are eight good reasons to keep your content marketing machine churning:

More frequent indexing

Publishing fresh content encourages search engines to crawl your site to see what’s new and index your site again. And each new index presents a new opportunity to increase your ranking.

Google loves it

Fresh content is a factor that has been part of Google’s ranking algorithm since at least 2007 and remains at the forefront today. And as a content marketer, if Google says to jump, you should be asking how high.  

More keywords

It’s just simple math. The more lines you cast into the water, the more fish you have the potential to catch. The more content you publish, the more keywords you have the potential to reel in from a search query.

More lead opportunities

Every piece of content on your website is an opportunity for a lead. And what marketer isn’t always on the lookout for new leads?

Social media material

Having trouble coming up with new material for your daily social media post? How about teasing that piece of content you published this morning?

Respect authority

Another core value in Google’s ranking algorithm involves authority. Basically, Google tends to reward websites that are seen as authoritative in their respected industry. And one way Google identifies authority is by fresh content updates.

It helps older pages too

New pages of content are not the only ones to benefit from frequent publishing. Because fresh content builds authority for the entire site and because Google will index the entire site with each new crawl, your old content can ride the coattails of the new pieces. Enhance your publishing efforts even more by linking from your new pages back to your older material.

User experience

Last but far from least, freshly updated content improves user experience. Staying engaged with your target audience on a continuous basis builds loyalty out of existing customers and turns new readers into returning readers.

See you around old friend.

About The Author, Christian Worstell

Christian is a Senior Copywriter at Demand Signals. When he’s not helping clients generate inbound leads through search-optimized and generally awesome content, Christian can be found chasing a little white ball around golf courses in Raleigh.